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Temporary Power: A Long-Term Solution in Dubai

Temporary Power: A Long-Term Solution in Dubai

| by Editor | Posted in Comment

A power outage at the Dubai Mall in April 2017 led to a new decree that requires backup power generation in all major buildings in Dubai. This decree highlights the vital importance of reliable energy. From our personal electronics to lighting systems to life support machinery, electricity drives our lives.

When the power went down at the Dubai Mall in April 2017, people took notice. A high-capacity power supply line that serves the mall went out of service, causing the mall to be without power for 90 minutes. Emergency teams with mobile power generators were deployed to the mall, but they were not able to immediately connect the power generators to the power distribution systems.

After this power outage, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum ordered that all real estate developers and companies must install backup power generators into all major buildings and landmarks such as touristic, commercial and cultural buildings in Dubai. This decree was made to help ensure these buildings will have necessary power in an emergency situation.

“It was a rule before to have a backup or secondary source of power in case of power failure, but now it has become a strict rule,” said Hussein Elkashef, sales manager for SDMO generators at GENAVCO in a PMV Middle East Roundtable. “Even normal residential buildings, of nine storeys or even less, now require backup generators.”

The new rules state that the backup power sources should have enough energy to run lighting systems, elevators, escalators, automatic doors, surveillance cameras, alarm systems and fire and safety equipment.The generators must also be properly maintained to ensure that they will work when needed in an effective and timely manner.

“Today in the Middle East, the power supply is stable but what is needed is quality power, with zero risk of power outage,” said Alok Rawat, Chief Executive of FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE, the FG Wilson dealer in the United Arab Emirates. “As the world has become more digital and the risks or costs of power outages and going offline become huge, now businesses are taking a greater interest in protecting their power supply. That means reliable power generation products which are well supported. From the start, that’s exactly what we’ve set out to do.”

Reliable power generation will not only help businesses and organizations keep their day-to-day operations running, but it also increases public security and safety. In addition, reliable power generation helps ensure the comfort and well-being of the public.

“We make people’s lives better by delivering dependable power solutions to them worldwide over a wide range of environmental conditions and need,” said Gary Johansen, Executive Director, PGBU Engineering in a Cummins Power Generation video.

These temporary power generation systems range in size based on the need for each building and company. They will automatically activate seconds after a power failure, and they will shut off once the utility source is restored to the facility.

The size, amperage and wattage output of these emergency backup generators will depend on the power capacity needed for the facility and what appliances it will be running. Some facilities can rely on a smaller generator set, while for others it will be a major project.

“From day one, we’ve been involved in large projects, working with consultants on load requirements, finding the right generator set, designing the complete layout of the generator set including exhaust and fuel systems, installation and commissioning,” explained Rawat of FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE.

As the industry looks into future construction and development, these requirements will be a key component of planning new projects as well.

“And looking to the number of mega projects and infrastructure coming up now — there is really going to be a lot of requirement and demand coming in the near future,” said Elkashef at the PMV Middle East Round Table. “Anybody can start a simple generator, but by going further and introducing more regulations, the Middle East will create opportunities for the big names. Greater compliance and stronger standards will help leading manufacturers to differentiate.”

“As the world has become more digital and the risks or costs of power outages and going offline become huge, now businesses are taking a greater interest in protecting their power supply. That means reliable power generation products which are well supported.”

Alok Rawat, Chief Executive of FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE

These big names and leading manufacturers — such as FG Wilson (Engineering) FZE, Cummins Power Generation and SMDO — will be discussing their products, processes and ability to help companies meet the future needs of backup power generation compliance at this year’s Middle East Electricity (MEE). MEE is the Middle East’s and Africa's annual meeting point for the industry, featuring exhibition halls filled with experienced and knowledgeable experts in power generation, transmission and distribution, lighting, solar and energy storage and management solutions.

“We’ve been in this business a long time. Today, our customers benefit hugely from that hard-won experience,” Rawat said. “Although the world has changed hugely in the last 50 years, our formula is the one we have used all along: products which are tested, validated and supported all through their working lives.”

* * *

Middle East Electricity is a business-to-business event that attracts corporate and government representatives, exhibitors and visitors come from all over the world. The exhibition will take place in the Dubai World Trade Centre from March 6 to 8, 2018.

Register now for your FREE pass to attend all three days of the exhibition.

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