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Report: GCC Power Market Report 2017

Report: GCC Power Market Report 2017

| by Editor | Posted in Reports

In cooperation with Ventures Onsite, Middle East Electricity is pleased to offer complimentary access to this detailed overview of the GCC power industry in 2017.

The members of the GCC are facing challenges to meet the growing electricity demand and reduce the associated hydrocarbon emissions.

Recently, there has been a pressing need for a shift towards smart power grids, as smart grids can reduce the stress on the grid, defer the investments for upgrades, improve the power system efficiency, and reduce emissions. The GCC countries are linked by a 1,200 km electrical grid, built to help provide backup power in case of a blackout in one part of the system. Expanded to other countries, that electricity highway could be the backbone of future power trading.

The existence of the GCC grid, commonly known as the ‘back-bone’, will also provide opportunities for the establishment of power plants close to resources thus giving freedom for IPPs to select a strategic location, realising the potential in dealing with a large size market, while facing minimal risks. DEWA has adopted a comprehensive smart grid strategy, in adherence with the Smart Dubai initiative.

One of the most important steps towards improving electricity diversification and conservation in the GCC is to develop smart grid and smart metering roll-out under the overall umbrella of demand side management. It is estimated that GCC countries can save up to US$ 10 billion in infrastructural investment by 2020 through the use of smart grids.

Want to read more about the power market in the GCC? Download the full report here.

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